Ricki lake online dating

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Ricki lake online dating

"I just never disclosed that I was Halle Berry."But when she actually tried to come clean and reveal her true identity, that didn't go so well either.

As a matter of fact, people just didn't believe her. , her bio states: "I'm a touring artist wanting to meet people abroad who don't want to talk about the industry formally known as entertainment."You can actually see Martha Stewart's profile for yourself.

Snowboarder Jamie Anderson proclaimed that "Tinder in the Olympic Village is next level. In the mountain village it's all athletes," she told Us Weekly during the 2014 Winter Olympics. There are some cuties on there."Carrie Ann Inaba literally met her fiancé online, so she just straight-up wins.

"I met him on e Harmony," she revealed on Access Hollywood of her husband-to-be, Jesse Sloan. I was like, 'Maybe I need to change it up a little.'" Considering he later popped the question on live TV, I'll say that she made the right choice.

) others have come screaming back after nightmarish encounters, like Ricki Lake's straight disaster of an online BF. After the vid, though, Duff revealed that she's no longer using the app.

"When I decided to say: 'Oh by the way, the person you've been chatting with for a week is me, Halle Berry,' they thought I was just some kook. He was more charismatic than physically beautiful but I became infatuated with him very quickly. I wanted it so badly I lost all clarity."Lily Allen is totally psyched about Tinder, which she uses to meet new friends while on tour. "Yes, it's really me."If you're one of those people who lives in fear that you're going to awkwardly run across a relative on a dating site, just know that this already happened to Lindsay Lohan and she survived.

Now, if you want to meet a celeb yourself, you'll just have to keep swiping and clicking.

Finding love isn’t easy for everyone – including some celebrities. Right to come find them, some of these celebrities have decided to take matters into their hands, which means venturing into the unknown world of online dating.

Being famous can’t possibly make this process any easier – everyone knows who they are!

Some people might think it’s a joke while others might see it as an opportunity to take advantage.

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