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Nieva dating

An anonymous translation from Arabic (1251) of the beast fable , was translated likewise through Arabic, with other collections of Eastern stories.

By the mid-12th century, the Christians had recovered Córdoba, Valencia, and Sevilla.

By 711, when the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula began, Latin spoken there had begun its transformation into Romance.

The result mingled eroticism with devotion and invited readers to interpret often-equivocal teachings.

Ruiz’s Trotaconventos became Spanish literature’s first great fictional character.

Ruiz handled alexandrine metre with new vigour and plasticity, interspersing religious, pastoral-farcical, amorous, and satirical lyrics of great metrical variety.

More-exotic elements appeared in the 1355) of Santob de Carrión de los Condes and in an Aragonese version of the biblical story of Joseph, which was based on the Qurʾān and written in Arabic characters.

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