Lovers soul mates friends dating

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Lovers soul mates friends dating

I grew up in a household where my parents staunchly ruled that I was not allowed to see anyone until I graduated.

And when I say ‘graduated’, I mean completely graduating from school i.e., university when I was 22.

I’m excited to share my love story because I want to inspire all of you who are seeking love or have yet to find love. Thanks for answering my last question, but here's a new one, haha. I did have a (gay) male friend who thought very highly of me and told me he loved me...I am just wondering about it, and since a lot of seem intelligent, I would like your input! I think your male friend may indeed care very much for you, and yes, possibly love you, but in a non-romantic way.I guess it depends on how evolved your relationship is.If you are best friends, know each other well, have worked through most major areas of disagreement, and are really enjoying life together, then I think he would just be saying "It's obvious we are great together." But if you are still in honeymoon phase and you haven't shared all of your true self with him yet, then it doesn't mean much. __________________ Life is full of pain and horrors. It is up to you what you wish this day to be for you... Your thoughts and feelings in this moment will define this day for you.

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It didn’t work out and I was left crushed, taking years to mend my broken heart thereafter.