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But if you've paid attention at all to her latest wellness endeavors, you know that the past nine years, since Goop launched, have been extraordinarily transformative for Paltrow—and if part of that led to a new lease on her capabilities as a partner, then that's great.Meanwhile, with time comes maturity and hindsight, and hopefully the opportunity to appreciate one's journey for what it is—the necessary path that brought you to where you're supposed to be.Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk threw a lavish A-list affair to celebrate their engagement over the weekend in Hollywood.The star-studded party was attended by Paltrow and Falchuk's friends, including Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, and Chelsea Handler.

So there was more going on at the time for Paltrow to process than anyone publicly knew about for decades."And I felt really responsible, and also like I was the architect of my own misery...I just made a big mess out of it.''The actress told Howard Stern in 2015 that her beloved father, Bruce Paltrow, who died in 2002, "adored him like a son." But "I was such a kid, I was 22 when we met.It was a real blast from the past when Leitch shared a smooch with Paltrow, whom he dated 20 years prior, when they ran into each other at a Dodgers game in 2014..days after she and Chris Martin announced their separation, thereby prompting the "need" for an explanation."We were sitting in the owner's box in front of 30,000 people with her two children right next to us," he told the in 1996, Pitt's final thank you was reserved for "especially the love o' my life, my angel, Gwyneth Paltrow." They got engaged, they even got matching haircuts, but then they broke up in June 1997.Paltrow has been relentless in blaming herself for the demise of their relationship, telling Diane Sawyer in 2003, "I'm so lucky that I spent time with Brad, somebody who was such a good person!

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Some celebrity couples don't like to share photos on each other's social media, but that's not the case with these two.