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Gay dating and relationship advice

Well, thank goodness the gay community is moving on from that. Your boy may be young and silly, but that doesn’t mean you should start running his life. So you have a choice: either feel sad about it, or laugh about it.These days, it’s easier than ever to take pride in intergenerational relationships that are healthy and hot. Show your boy that you’re a steady, stable rock that he can count on. At the start of the relationship, talk openly about just how much you want to be calling the shots. And every now and then, have a check in, something as simple as “I want to pick your meal when we go out tonight, you OK with that? Yeah, OK, maybe he doesn’t know who Bette Davis is, and maybe he doesn’t understand why you have a telephone attached the the wall of your house with a wire. If he’s truly interested in you, it’s because your life is different from his life. You may have your differences, but now and then you’ll be surprised to discover that the two of you actually see eye-to-eye on something.I discovered my homosexuality during my teens during a period of Australian history of which the Queer Rights Movement was just being formed, and I was there for its formative years.I have many fond memories of that time, and despite the chaos, uncertainty and the fear that presided over the time I wouldn't change it for the world.

But in recent years, something’s changed: gays have been getting even better at dating much younger or much older guys.We stood, and we held hands, and we cried into the night, memorialising those who had passed with parties, and drugs. I was impressionable of sorts, and I'm of the belief that with every partner we go through, we change.We adopt some of their likes and dislikes, we form new ways of thinking as we experience new things.I lived through the HIV/AIDS crisis in Australia during the 80s.I watched my friends passing and disappearing, social networks fractured and fear running rampant through our lives. I went through men that, despite only staying in my life for a few months, would profoundly change my outlook and life.

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This could be the result of many reasons including; the retaining of your independence, just come out of a relationship or lost your partner and you're simply not up for the complexities and challenges of a long term relationship and that's all well and good.

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