Dating a snuggie

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Dating a snuggie

The Louis Vuitton Snuggie: You can put that logo on anything these days, luggage, car upholstery, small dogs. Clubs can even get in on the customized Snuggie action.

Throw that fashionable L and V on a Snuggie and show the world, “I’m cozy have more money than I know what to do with.” The Ed Hardy Snuggie: Christian Audigier’s bedazzled tees are a favorite among the Vegas club set. The reversible Snuggie: Jacket on the outside, Snuggie on the inside. Forget customized matchbooks, how about souvenir Snuggies?

2017 but when ordering there was no place to edit or review or to confirm the order.The Snuggie, while obtaining many uses, is mostly known for it's ability to be worn as a full body blanket/sweater/creepy uncle lingerie, and to make the wearer look like a fucking faggot. Essentially, it was designed for upper class civilians who are far too busy to do such tiring tasks such as: While the wealthy do get to enjoy all of this grand inventions luxuries, the fine materials it is constructed from are cheap enough to let even the poorest of people enjoy a taste of heaven. The Snuggie aka The Fugglie has become an instant hit!The material is floor length so you can trip on it. Maybe its that free booklight we've heard so much about.They’re cumbersome, don’t fold up easily to fit into even an insanely large designer purse and are too bulky to throw over your arm when you move between indoors and outdoors at some Vegas venues. Heck, celebrities have stepped out in crazier garments than a blanket with sleeves (see: Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Björk, etc.).While some clubs have a coat check, if you get a chill it’s a pain to retrieve that extra layer. So, here’s what we’re thinking: the designer Snuggie!

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