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Daniel johns dating

The Josiah’s, Daniel’s and Ezekiel’s may have been rare, but they did exist and bear testimony to the fact that God always had a faithful remnant that did “not bow the knee to Baal.” Daniel is considered by critical scholars to be a second century work, responding to the critical and traumatic situation of the Syrian persecution of the Jews.Consequently, they place Daniel in the same category as the Book of Enoch and other such materials where the author is anonymous but assumes a name of an ancient, well-known person.

The problem with the authorship issue is that there is no venerable person prior to the fifth century with the name Daniel.

The Neo‑Babylonian empire began with Nebuchadnezzar’s father, Nabopolassar. Nebuchadnezzar was the greatest of the Babylonian kings. Nergal‑Sharezer (Neriglissar) is the son‑in‑law of Nebuchadnezzar. Nabonidus, not from the royal family and perhaps from north Syria, ruled from 556 B. He returned after nine years to view the overthrow of Babylon. The retention of Daniel 7 in Aramaic serves as an interlocking device between the two halves of the book.

He was a Chaldean who managed to take over Babylon and to harass the Assyrians. He was commander of the army attacking Egypt in Syria when his father died. He assassinated Evil‑Merodach and ruled from 560 B. Chapter 7 belongs with the visions by genre, subject matter, and dating (since it begins a new sequence of Babylon-Media-Persia). Choice young men are selected to be in the king’s service (1:3‑7).

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