Chlorine 36 rock exposure dating

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Chlorine 36 rock exposure dating

Further Reading: Aquarium Disease Prevention Please click to enlarge for a better view.This of course is a simplification, so please read the ENTIRE article along with cited references for a better understanding so as to make a more educated decision of whether a true high dwell time UV Sterilizer is for you or maybe just a Clarifier or nothing at all!However, the longer wave UVA and UVB can cause molecules to vibrate and rotate resulting in heating up.The shorter wave UVC (used in UV Sterilization) light will ionize many atoms and molecules as compared to the even shorter wave Gamma Rays which will ionize most atoms.

The most important thing here is that the shorter the wavelength, the higher "energy" each photon has.HOWEVER, and more importantly, a TRUE UV Sterilizer helps with disease prevention & Redox Balance (via proven lowering of oxidative stress) when properly connected (meaning flow rate, pre-filtration, etc.) and properly maintained by replacing with high output UV lamps/bulbs (not the economy replacement lamps/bulbs sold by discounters that have as little as 25% of the necessary UVC as a HO UV lamp).This is the thrust of this article, as while it is certainly a good tool for green/cloudy water especially in ponds (assuming the bio filter is healthy), it is this Sterilization/Redox Balance aspect that years of hands on use in 1000s of applications has made the difference.All photons have a "Chance" to do any of the above, but the higher energy events are far more likely to happen with a high energy/high frequency photon interaction over a longer wavelength/visible spectrum photon.UVA and UVB that can reach the Earths surface are primarily non-ionizing and do not have enough energy to ionize atoms.

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A more synergistic combination than purchasing Kanamycin & Nitrofurazone separately.

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