Arod kate hudson dating

Posted by / 19-Feb-2018 20:03

Arod kate hudson dating

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After missing a good month and a half, it's good to see Alex Rodriguez back playing the field again.

A source overheard Kate telling her friends "He's a photographer" and blabbed to E! "She had a flirtatious smile on her face and looked really giddy," the mole reported.

Kate Hudson Installs Stripper Pole Meanwhile, Alex was enjoying his off-season yesterday by proving that Kate is such a liar and he's totally over Madonna. writer who called her "curvy" after she attended the Golden Globes looking like a particularly unstable wedding cake and went right out to validate how unbelievably skinny she is by banging that new photographer toy of hers, and that A-Rod is just reassuring himself that the steroids didn't make his testicles fall off.

Last week, the couple stayed at a Hyatt in Toronto together when Alex was there for a game.

"Kate loves Toronto and has friends in town," explains an insider, but it doesn't sound like she spent much time apart from her boyfriend.

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"Kate and Alex had a major romantic dinner date at the Bymark - a very high-end restaurant," explains the insider.