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At low tide, the crest blocks the sea, causing the water to bake in the sun. Normally, coral subjected to this temperature would bleach and die. Because of that, Stanford University scientists have been coming here several times a year for the past decade to study them.The beach stays so pristine partly because Ofu is exceptionally difficult to reach.Before our trip, I called a few coral biologists and Park Service employees who have spent time in the Manua Islands to find out where to begin the search for surf.“I seem to remember some potential point breaks on Tau,” one said.The stretch of park on Ofu is supposed to be the gem.A mile long and just a couple hundred yards wide, it extends from the coastal road, across a white-sand beach studded with black volcanic boulders, and out to the reef crest.The Tutuila parcel receives the lion’s share of annual visitors simply because it sits just minutes by car from Pago Pago.Ofu, its twin island Olosega, and Tau make up the Manua Islands.

He told me that, here, “the tides are stronger, the currents are stronger, the wind is stronger, and the reefs are shallower.

People refer to it as the Most Beautiful Beach in the World.

At high tide, waves pour in from deep water, filling the lagoon.

From August to October, humpbacks migrate past the island.

The reef is a mess of sea turtles, fish, and more than 250 species of neon coral.

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He’s running late, but ­before Dusty and I can continue talking about life choices, M. In 1988, Congress designated a sixth of that as the National Park of American Samoa.

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